MIND Trust stand at the Covenant Christian Center Medical fair at Race course 2009. Those in need of medical help were well attended to by the team.

The Mind Trust team visited Anglican Girls secondary school for her school mental health program. We had well over 150 students in attendance. The school principal and some teachers were also present. The Mind Trust team in attendance spoke on the following: peer pressure, drug abuse, causes of mental ill health and how to be mentally healthy. The students asked very intelligent questions which amazed the team and also gave intelligent answers to questions asked them. The Mind Trust team was very impressed by the students participation. The principal thanked the team for choosing their school to enlighten them on these issues. Educative material on mental health was given to them.

The Mind Trust team visited Eko Boys high school for our school mental health program. We had over 200 students in attendance, who were eager to hear what we had to teach them. Some of the teachers were also present. Our usual topics were taught them: peer pressure, substance abuse, how to be mentally healthy and causes of mental health. The students surprised us with the kind of questions they asked after the lectures and the answers they gave when questions were are asked them. Educative materials were given to all present and refreshments too. The head teacher thanked the team for coming to their school.

To celebrate the World Mental Health Day n 2009, the Mind Trust team visited the Rehabilitation center at Owutu Majidun in Ikorodu with food items, clothes and drugs for the patients of the home.The Mind Trust medical team saw some patients and administered drugs to them.

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