About M.I.N.D Trust

A Non Governmental Organization


The M.I.N.D Trust team is made up of professionals from varied backgrounds and professions. These include Psychologists, psychiatrists, Religious leaders, Social workers, Teachers, nurses, occupational therapists, medical students to mention a few. The guiding principle is to “have interest to make a difference in mental health” and with that we believe everyone is welcome.


Mental health Information Network and Development Trust

The M.I.N.D Trust is a non governmental organization. M.I.N.D Trust stands for Mental health Information Network and Development Trust and the organization is inspired out of a desire to reach out and make a difference in the lives of people with mental health challenges, most especially Children and adolescents. The Organisation is registered under the Company and Allied Matters Act of Nigeria and has been in existence since 2008.

Our interest in Mental health is driven by the understanding of how much unattended emotional pain and suffering contributes to a poor quality of life in the sufferers in particular and affects an entire Nations productivity generally. With a huge mental treatment gap recorded in many developing countries, Nigeria inclusive, it is important for CSOs like ours to contribute.

It has been well documented that there is a huge contribution from mental health to the global burden of disease. More recently depression, has been reported to be the leading cause of disability worldwide. This indicates that mental health problems are of great public health concern. The knowledge and attitudes towards mental health and the mentally ill are still very poor amongst the generality of Nigerians and it is especially colored by religious and cultural beliefs. This lack of informed knowledge results in persisting stigma and invariably the resultant poor health seeking practices worsen the mental health situation among vulnerable groups.

The M.I.N.D Trust team believes that by improving understanding about mental health issues, it aims to prevent illness by promoting good mental health and by reducing the stigma associated mental illness, and lastly assisting helping people with emotional challenges in getting direction to the right services within our locality.

— Mission Statement

We are committed to the promotion of quality mental health amongst all persons by public training, enlightenment, advocacy for reduction of stigma, influencing mental health policies and offering a heart that cares to affected persons.

— Objectives

  • Promoting healthy practices that sustain a sound state of mind in all persons.
  • Improving public awareness regarding mental health issues through enlightenment programs.
  • Addressing societal stigma about mental health and mental disorders.
  • Advocating for improved attitudes and policies towards mental health issues.
  • Providing a platform for networking among individuals and organizations with similar interests and goals on mental health issues.
  • Facilitating workshops and seminars to improve knowledge about mental health among relevant groups and corporate establishments.

— Target Groups

These include : secondary school and undergraduate students, general practitioners, young adults, general public at large, policy makers, vulnerable groups (e.g. children, vagrant mentally ill persons, indigent patients).