Fund Raising

Our Projects are funded by gifts and regular donations from people who identify with the goals of the NGO. Corporate donations and grants both locally and internationally will be accepted where available.

Our Collaborators

  • Donors

    These are persons with a commitment to give a certain amount as often as convenient either by issuing cheques or paying into the organizations account. No amount is too small.

  • Sponsors of Events

    Individual or corporate sponsors interested in either providing materials, venue, or financial support for programs by the NGO. This may be one off or as frequently as the sponsors desire.

  • Partners

    Partners are individuals or organizations that work hand in hand with the NGO towards the realization of its objectives. To become a partner you will be required to show your commitment by providing financial support and commitment in kind. Benefits include regular feedback, update and recognition. There are different levels of partnership, and individuals are free to choose at what level they desire to commit as a partner (see detailed outline for partners).

  • Network Group

    Persons or groups/organizations with similar vision or interests and with M.I.N.D Trust. There will be cross fertilization of ideas and mutual support between Mindtrust and such persons or groups.

  • Volunteers

    Based on relevant set skills or interests there is always something to do for everyone. To become a volunteer indicate interest by contacting us via e-mail or telephone. Areas of volunteer work include, social media, lectures, secretarial, telephone support, adhoc field staff for programs and others.

  • Members

    These are persons who identify with the goals of the NGO and are interested in being involved in a regular manner. With a token yearly membership fee and regular involvement with the activities of the NGO you are welcome as a member. All members work together in organizing the NGO’s programs.